“I’ve always had a passion for moving dirt; there is something so therapeutic about it.”

- Emreh Erdem
mini excavator saanich

In his mid-20’s, Emreh left the stability of a decent job to make his living moving dirt.

 “I started out as a die-hard weekend warrior, working every weekend until it became a full-time job,” says Emreh. “It was pretty obvious that this was what I should be doing.” And that’s how Erdem Excavating was born.

When Emreh started the company in 2008, he was a one-man show with one mini-excavator. Erdem Excavating has since grown to a thriving residential and commercial earth-moving business providing excavation and backfilling services on new construction and demolitions in and around Victoria.

Emreh digs his work.

“I’ve done everything from driveways to basements,” said Emreh. “I love being hands-on with the equipment.”

Emreh Erdem also loves sharing his work on Instagram. “My presence on social media sets me apart from other local excavating businesses and it’s an important tool to highlight the work I do,” says Emreh. “It’s one of the key reasons my company continues to grow.”

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