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We can move it

If you’re digging, blasting or building, you’re going to need to haul some material. We have the equipment and more importantly, the experience to take on serious hauling jobs and get them done right. We take communication seriously and will ensure that the trucks are onsite when you need them.

If you’re looking for hauling or equipment transport services in the Victoria area, you’re in the right place. Erdem has been serving our clients with trucking services for over a decade. We offer a range of on-site and on-highway trucking and hauling services.

Below are some of the hauling services we offer in Victoria from Sidney to Sooke.


Gravel truck

We can deliver material to your home or jobsite or haul material away. We are equipped to haul a variety of materials around the South Island including:

  • Gravel
  • Fill
  • Sand
  • Drain Rock
  • Clay
  • Hog Fuel
  • Stumps
  • Brush
  • Other aggregate materials


Whatever you need, we can get it to your site safely and on-budget. We have relationships with all of the local gravel pits so no matter what you need, we can find it for you.

Upon request, we can also offer a gravel pup trailer to deliver up to 11000kgs more per load. Rates are subject to change and we suggest contacting us for current rates.

Equipment Transport

Our single-axle Freightliner equipment hauler can transport small to mid-sized equipment efficiently around Greater Victoria. Whether you’re looking to move a mini excavator, skid steer, roller or other small-scale equipment, we’ve got you covered.

We have recently ordered a triple-axle equipment transport tag trailer that will allow us to move even larger machines for our excavation jobs as well as our transport clients. We’re excited about this new piece of steel and will update when it’s available.

Our Trucks

  • Two Western Star 49X Gravel Trucks
  • Gravel Pup Trailer
  • Freightliner 5-Ton Equipment Hauler


No matter what your hauling needs in and around Greater Victoria, Erdem is available to help you out. We have the right equipment and experience to get the job done.

Why Hire Erdem?

Fair question. There are a number of transport companies in Greater Victoria offering hauling services. Why should potential clients hire Erdem for hauling and equipment transport?

Modern equipment

We don’t play around with old, decrepit trucks. We keep our game and our schedule tight with the latest gravel trucks and a modern Freightliner equipment hauler. Let’s be straight here, what do you want on your site. Leaky Mcdripsworth or Erdem’s baller 49X.


Have you had trouble reaching somebody at another hauling company? It’s fairly common. Erdem doesn’t roll like that. We value our customers and we’re here to chat when you need.

Experienced drivers

No rookies here. If it can be done, we’ll get it done. Our experienced drivers can put the truck where you need it, spread out a load and get the weight right to minimize trips to the dump site or gravel pit.

Also, we dig

Need a machine? Need a bigger machine? We’ve got you. We can compliment our hauling services with a machine to load your material if needed.

Not sure if we’re the right fit for your job? Give us a call and we can chat about your transport needs. If we aren’t the right fit, we can recommend you to another local outfit that can handle your move.

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