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Site Servicing in Victoria, BC

site servicing victoria
We can handle complete site servicing from start to finish. The full meal deal, as they say.

You don’t want five different excavation contractors on your jobsite. Why not bring in experts who can handle every aspect of site servicing from digging your foundation through to utilities, backfilling and finish grading?

We have the experience to take on the full job, not just one aspect of it. If you’re looking for Victoria’s premier excavation contractor, you’ve found us.

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We will dig the foundation for your building and haul away the material. We follow the plans closely using laser grading equipment and consulting with other trades where necessary. This ensures that we don’t remove more material than is required to complete the job. Every load costs money, so we make sure to remove only what is required.


We can handle installing your utilities including water, hydro, gas, drainage, sewer and tel. We work closely with utility companies and other contractors when required to get the job done correctly and on-budget.


We’re already on-site, so have us build your driveway. We will create a high-quality driveway subsurface that will stand the test of time. We can also help you by lining up a trusted paving contractor to finish the job.

Backfilling and Finish Grading

We can keep enough material on-site to back fill your foundation and grade the site as required. Many new subdivisions are tight and we have the mini excavators to get into the tightest spots for backfilling, where required.

Let Us Earn Your Business

We want to work with you. Give us a call or email through the contact link below to discuss how we can make your next site servicing project move smoothly.

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