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Sometimes it’s the small things that count. That’s why we have a fleet of mini excavation equipment including a Cat 259D skid steer to get those smaller jobs done quickly and efficiently. Working in areas where space is limited can be a challenge for companies that don’t have a versatile fleet. That’s why we keep Black Mamba around.

What types of jobs are ideal for skid steers?

Skid steers are ideal for many modern excavation tasks including:

  • Driveway removal and installation
  • Light landscaping and grading
  • Transporting material on-site
  • Rock raking
  • Loading trucks
  • Snow and debris removal
  • Mowing and brush cutting

This isn’t a comprehensive list. Hundreds of attachments are available to adapt skid steers to work in different industries and handle many different types of projects.

Should I just rent a skid steer?

This is a tough question to answer. While renting a machine can be fun and save you some money, it can also cost you a whole lot more if you make a mistake. Backing into a vehicle or structure, tipping it over in a ditch or building foundation, damaging the machine by overloading or other misuse can result in a costly repair bill.

If you feel confident in your operating skills, then renting a skid steer might be a good choice for you. If you aren’t completely sure that you have what it takes, you might want to consider hiring an excavation contractor.

We have the right equipment, ready to go in Victoria

Our skid steer has driveway-friendly, low ground loading rubber tracks to minimize the potential for damage to your driveway, lawns and existing landscape. Additionally, we have a unique set of attachments for our machine including:

Rock-breaker attachment

We have a rock and concrete breaker attachment for our skid steer. Can hammer through concrete patios, foundations, asphalt or rock in a hurry.

Box blade

Our box blade attachment makes grading driveways, lawns and other surfaces fast and accurate.

Pallet forks

Have sod, blocks or other palletized material coming to site? Don’t hire a crane truck, Black Mamba can handle it with pallet forks.

Snow plow

We have a snow pusher attachment for pushing snow. This works great for clearing larger parking lots in Sidney and North Saanich.

– As of January 2023, we are no longer offering snow removal services. 

We offer the premium skid steer service in Greater Victoria including the Peninsula and Westshore.

Contact us today if you want to chat about how we can make your next skid steer project happen quickly, professionally and within budget.

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