Stump Removal in Victoria

stump removal Victoria

So you’ve had a tree removed (or felled it yourself, for all our DIYers!) and now you’re left with an unsightly stump that needs to be dealt with.

Is it ok to leave a stump in the ground?

Yes, it’s ok, but not ideal. While a stump is unlikely to cause immediate problems for you, there are a number of reasons to have stumps properly removed.

They’re ugly

Stumps don’t look good. They make your property look unfinished, reduce curb appeal and could have an effect on the value of your home.

It’s in your way

If you want to utilize the space, you’re going to have to remove the stumps. Maybe you’re installing a new driveway, or building a parking pad – either way, the stumps have got to go.

Critters like them

Rotting stumps are prime nesting grounds, particularly for carpenter ants and termites. Exactly the type of critters you don’t want anywhere near your home or other structures.


A stump is an obvious tripping hazard for kids playing in the yard or anybody else in the area. Having stumps removed will eliminate the possibility of somebody tripping over it.

How to remove tree stumps?

There two primary ways to deal with a tree stump. You can either have the stump ground down into woodchips by a tree service or stump grinding company, or you can have the stump excavated and completely removed from the property.

Stump grinding

Stump grinding is the process of grinding a stump down below surface level using a grinding wheel. There are a variety of different types of stump grinders out there. While they can look different, they all do relatively the same thing. They grind the stump down below ground level and eliminate the possibility that somebody will trip over the stump.

Grinding does not remove all of the wood from the ground. In most cases, grinding will leave some of the stump and all of the root system intact below ground. This is not ideal because while you’ve eliminated the aesthetic and safety issue, you still have rotting wood below ground that critters can nest in.

Excavating stumps

Using an excavator to remove a stump is the best option as it completely removes the stump and the entire root system. There is nothing left rotting underground and nowhere for ants and termites to get into. Additionally, you won’t have any issues down the road if you decided to use the land for another purpose that requires a solid footing such as a deck or patio.

While excavating a stump out of the ground is typically the more expensive option, you will have an end result that will not cause you any issues down the road.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for stump removal services in Victoria or surrounding areas, give us a shout today. We can completely remove the problem stumps from your yard and remediate the area so it looks clean and usable.

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