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We love excavating Cadboro Bay. From new foundations to to demolition, rock walls, utilities and more, we are equipped to handle your toughest excavation Projects. 

From Ten Mile Point to Uplands, we want to help you get your excavation project completed in Cadboro Bay.

With it’s executive waterfront properties, large trees and narrow winding roads, Cadboro Bay is a perfect place to call home. Working in the area also presents some unique challenges. Narrow roads, heavy pedestrian and cyclist traffic and low trees can make moving trucks and equipment through the area challenging.

But unique challenges are kind of our thing.

Why Work With Erdem?

Because we’re committed to provide you a top-notch experience that fits within your budget. While every excavation company can dig the ground, we strive to do our work to the highest possible standard while maintaining open lines of communication with our clients. We have completed a variety of projects in your area including utility installations, foundations, building demolitions and more.

Hire the Local Pros

If you’re excited to see leaky, smoky old equipment roll onto your site, Erdem may not be the right choice. We strive to ensure maximum efficiency on your site from day one including running late-model equipment and employing experienced operators and truck drivers.

Ready to Make Your Neighbors Jealous?

We’d love the opportunity to talk with you about your next excavation project. Give us a call for a free, no-pressure estimate. We are looking forward to earning your business and exceeding your expectations. 

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We offer the following services in Cadboro Bay:

Site Servicing

From house and commercial excavations, to backfilling, utilities, land clearing, & grading.
Site servicing

Civil Construction

Subdivisions, hydro, sewer, tel, drain, road construction, and more.
Civil Construction

Retaining Walls

Whether you're looking for boulder walls or concrete blocks, we can do that.
Retaining Walls

Mini Excavation

Great for residential and other excavating projects with limited space.
Mini Excavation


Whether you need a few walls demolished or have a commercial demolition, we've got this.


Trucking services include gravel hauling, material hauling, and equipment deliveries.

Land Clearing

We handle all kinds of clearing and cleanup, including grading and bulldozing.
land clearing

Rock Breaking

Have a boulder? All our equipment is equipped with rock-breaking attachments.
rock breaking


Our GPS laser grading equipment is great for precision riding ring construction.

Not in Cadboro Bay?

Are you in a different area? We offer complete excavation services in the following regions and communities:

Ready to roll out?