Common Causes of Drainage Issues

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There’s really no good time to have a drainage issue. While it’s not uncommon, it has a way of always catching us by surprise. There are many potential reasons that you’re seeing water pooling around your property. Erdem Excavating can help you diagnose your drainage issue in Victoria, and develop a plan to repair it.

Let’s take a moment and look at 5 of the most common drainage problems and how to repair them.

1. Broken or Blocked Drain Pipes

Plants and trees are often the culprit when it comes to drain pipe blockage. In their constant search for water, they can sometimes damage pipework as they spread their roots, seeking moisture. There are other potential issues such as crushed or broken clay tiles and blocked drainage inlets.

The Solution

The only solution to a pipe that is broken by trees or other means is replacement. If tree roots are likely to be an ongoing issue, you may want to consider removing the offending trees completely.

A plumber can help you diagnose the issue that you’re having. If it turns out that your drainage pipes need to be replaced, Erdem can help.

2. Improperly Graded yard

Water always follows the path of least resistance. If you have low points on your property where water tends to pool, you need to create a drainage plan to get the water moving.

Standing water can put houses and outbuildings at risk of damage. Additionally, it looks bad and can attract bugs and flies.

The Solution

The solution to a standing water issue is going to depend on a lot of factors including the geography, your budget and other practical considerations. Some potential repairs include regrading your property so that the water can flow, installing a catch basin or culvert to move the water, or simply digging a ditch to allow water to flow.

3. Poor Landscape Design

Landscaping issues can most definitely cause drainage problems. Sometimes, these issues are not the fault of the homeowner or developer. If you live below your neighbors, water coming from their rain or snow drainage or from their sprinklers can often drain right into your yard. It can be a very frustrating issue to deal with.

The Solution

To fix these problems, a plan must be developed to reroute the water to lower ground and away from your yard and structures. This rerouting can also help basements where water is slowly leaking through the foundation. Once the water is rerouted, it can be deposited elsewhere, even down the rain gutter in your street. 



Does Your Victoria Yard Have Drainage Issues? We Can Help!

Erdem Excavating is your trusted, local contractor for grading and drainage work. Our experts can resolve all of your worries so that you no longer have to dread the possibility of flooding. Don’t wait to call if you believe you have a problem. Contact us today to learn more.

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