Four Ways To Deal With Rock On A Jobsite

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Everything was going according to plan and then…

You hit rock. Running into a big ‘ol piece of Vancouver Island will bring any digging project to a quick stop. Even a large excavator can’t dig through bedrock. Fortunately, you have options.  In this post, I’m going to walk you through the different options for removing rock from your home or jobsite.

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1. Jackhammer

If you’re just dealing with a little nugget, you may be able to rent yourself a jackhammer and work your way through it. All the local rental shops have them.  If you just need a small amount of rock removed for a smaller project or a diy around the house, this might be your best option.

Keep in mind that bedrock is reeeaaallly solid, and it may give you a harder time than you expect. Often, it’s worth bringing in a pro with some larger equipment rather than shaking your brains out with a jackhammer.

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2. Excavator-mounted hydraulic hammer

Really, it’s just a giant jackhammer. Hydraulic hammers come in all sizes, from fitting on micro and mini excavators, through to 350 and larger sized machines. These have a number of advantages over handheld jackhammers. They’re easier on the body, they have far more force and will break out rock more quickly, and additionally, they can reach higher and more difficult spots than a person could get to with a handheld tool.

3. Blasting

If you’ve got a large amount of rock to remove, blasting might be your best option. There are a couple of things to know about blasting. First off, you’re going to need to use a blasting company to do this. As dynamite is involved, blasters must be certified to do the work.

Also, you’re going to need a way to dispose of, or use the rock that’s blasted out. A blast site can produce a lot of rock so you should have a plan for what to do with it before you start. Many local gravel suppliers will accept clean rock to crush and sell as gravel.

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4. Fracturing

Sometimes as effective as blasting, though always much less fun to watch. Fracturing is gaining popularity as a way a non-explosive way to remove rock, typically in urban areas.

Typically, holes are bored into the rock and an expanding compound is poured in to the holes. As the compound expands, it fractures the rock into smaller pieces, making it possible to dig the rock out with an excavator.

This is a great method when working close to structures or other obstacles.

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