Hydro Excavation in Victoria – What to know

hydro excavating Victoria

Conventional excavation using excavators, backhoes and other equipment is ideal for most jobs. They work quickly and efficiently. Conventional excavators however, have their limitations.

It can be very difficult to dig in urban areas without disturbing existing underground hazards. These can include tree roots, foundations, sewer, gas and water lines. Some things you’ll find underground, such as high-voltage power cables, can be dangerous if contacted with a piece of machinery.

That’s where hydrovac trucks come in. They can effectively remove soil, clay, gravel and more without disturbing things that are best left alone.

What is a Hydro Excavating?

Hydro excavating utilizes pressurized water to loosen soil, clay and gravel. It breaks the material apart and turns it into a muddy mixture that is vacuumed out of the excavation and deposited into a tank mounted on the rear of the truck.

Hydro excavation trucks come in a variety of sizes ranging from two-axle setups to much larger, trailer-mounted vacuums that are suitable for larger, commercial jobs.

The popularization of hydro excavating originated in the oil sands, right here in Canada. Cold weather and frozen soil made conventional digging difficult and pressurized, heated water was found to be an easier way to dig in the Canadian Winter.

Advantages of Hydro Excavating

There are a number of advantages to hydro excavating over conventional digging. 

  • Hydro excavation can be more precise and require the removal of less material to expose the area where access is required.
  • It is a much safer way to dig around pressurized and dangerous existing services such as natural gas and pressurized water mains.

Disadvantages of Hydro Excavating

  • It can be more expensive than conventional digging, as it requires more specialized equipment.
  • Because pressurized water is used to loosen the material and turn it into more of a mud to be sucked into the truck, the material can not be reused. This means that new material must be brought in to refill the excavation.

Does Erdem offer Hydro Excavating?

As hydrovac units are very specialized equipment, we do not own one and instead choose to contract this type of digging out to established hydrovac contractors. One of the advantages of working with an established, trusted local contractor is that our industry partnerships help ensure that we can get the right equipment on your job fast, while maintaining the premium client experience and quality communication that you can’t get with much larger companies.

What’s Next?

Erdem manages a wide variety of groundworks and excavation projects. If you’re not sure whether or not a hydrovac is the best way to handle your next job, give us a shout and we can work with you to develop a plan of attack.

We care about your project, your vision, and your satisfaction. We would love the opportunity to earn your trust and your business.

Want to talk about your next excavating project in Victoria? Give us a shout today.

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