How To Build A Parking Space For Your RV Or Boat

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So you need some RV parking…

Why pay for RV parking when you can build additional parking on your own property? Whether you’re the proud new owner of a boat, RV, storage container, utility trailer or something else, you’re going to need somewhere to put it. While there are a few storage options around Victoria, Langford and the Peninsula, they can be expensive and offer limited access.

If you’ve got a little extra space, you can create a clean, functional parking space on your own property. With the money you’ll save not paying for storage fees, it will pay for itself in a couple of years. This is a relatively simple mini excavation project and can often be completed in a weekend.

Steps to cut in a new driveway

Like any good project, it’s always smart to start at the beginning and plan it out. While it’s more fun to rent a machine and have at ‘er, you can dig up a lot of trouble really fast. Follow this guide and we’ll show you how to install some new parking, the right way.


1. Plan it out

There are a few things you need to think through before you put a shovel in the ground. First, plan out how wide and how deep the spot needs to be. You’ll probably want it wider than your RV by at least a couple of feet to ensure that you’ve got a little wiggle room.

Another thing to think through is permits. Most areas are going to require a permit to install a new driveway. Look into what your municipality requires before getting started.

Don’t want to deal with all this? Go ahead a give us a shout, we can do it for you :).


2. What’s underground?

Always call before you dig. There’s a lot of stuff underground. Gas, water, drainage, sewer, sprinklers, electrical, internet etc. There can be a lot down there and breaking through existing infrastructure gets really expensive, really fast.

While it’s unlikely that anything other than your own lawn/garden sprinkler lines are going to be less than 12″ deep, it’s not worth finding out the hard way. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Know exactly what you’re dealing with and where it is.


3. Remove grass and topsoil

This is the fun part. You can use a mini-excavator, skid steer or an old-fashioned goon spoon for this. You’re going to need to remove the top layers of organic material including grass and top soil. There are a number of places around Victoria that will allow you to dump the organic top material. Michell Excavating is a great choice.


4. Lay down some landscape fabric

You may choose not to bother with landscape fabric, but there’s a reason that professionals use it. Landscape fabric helps stabilize your base by preventing your base gravel from pushing through into the clay or whatever is beneath it. This will make your parking space last longer and help ensure that you won’t have to keep adding more material. 


5. Base layer

First, you want to put down a base layer of larger gravel, typically 3″ road base. The depth of this can vary according to how deep you had to dig to get the organics out. You’ll want to rent a plate compactor and compact the gravel in once it’s installed and raked smooth. Dampening the gravel with a hose prior to compaction helps solidify the base.


6. Finish layer

If your parking spot is gravel, this is typically 3/4 road base, though some folks finish with other materials such as screenings or even just leave it at 3″. No matter what you use, it’s good practice to wet it down and compact with a plate compactor or a roller if you have access to one.

Whether or not this is a good DIY project depends on a number of things including how DIY you happen to be, the size of the parking space and the layout of your property. If you’ve read through this and thought to yourself “nah”, you may just want to bring in a professional.


Why choose Erdem?

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