Westshore Excavation Services

Westshore excavation

Professional Excavation Services in the Westshore 

Are you in the on the hunt for a quality-focused commercial excavation contractor in the Westshore? Good news, you’ve found us. With more than a 15 years experience managing Westshore excavation projects, we have what it takes to get your job done correctly, on-time and on-budget. As an established contractor, we have worked hard to build our reputation as a company that shows up, works hard and gets the job done right, every time.

Working with Erdem ensures that you will get the best possible finished product at a fair price. Our relationships with rock suppliers, dump sites and related local contractors in the Westshore give us an edge when it comes time to get some work done. We do everything possible to optimize efficiency on our jobsites including thoroughly planning the project, running late-model trucks and equipment, as well as hiring experienced operators and laborers.


We offer a broad range of Westshore Excavation Solutions including:

Land Clearing

This is often the first step in a project. Trees and brush and sometimes old barns and building must be removed before excavation can commence. The land clearing phase of a project often includes leveling, grading and sometimes rock breaking to create the ideal working area.

Site Servicing

Whether commercial construction, residential or industrial, the site is going to need site servicing. This often includes sewer and water connections, gas connections as well as trenching for cable/internet and electricity services. We can handle not only the excavation, but bring in specialty contractors as required to complete this work. This phase of the project often involves curbs, driveways and paving which we can also arrange for you.


If you’re looking to have a foundation dug in the Westshore, look no further. We will meticulously excavate the foundation for your building, carefully removing only the amount of material required to get the job done. This will keep your costs in check and reduce trucking. When the foundation is poured, we will use the appropriate size machine and attachments to backfill, and finish grade the lot of required.

Retaining Walls

We build high-quality rock and lock block retaining walls for our clients. Whether you’re looking to make more usable space on your property, prevent erosion or accomplish something else, we will work with you to design and create a retaining wall that works for your property and your budget. Give us a call today to find out why we’re Westshore’s preferred retaining wall contractor.


Westshore trucking? Yeah, we do that. We have a fleet of late-model trucks and trailers ready to work with you to get your toughest trucking projects completed. From single loads (tandem) through to truck and pup loads, multiple loads and multi-day projects, our trucks are ready to get it done. We also have a slinger truck to help with your backfilling and leveling projects, as well as placing other materials in hard-to-access areas. 

Complete Commercial Excavation

Commercial excavation projects typically more complex and challenging than residential jobs. Hire the Westshore commercial excavation contractor with the experience, equipment and team to get the project done right. Our team has tackled some of the toughest jobs on the South Island, and we’re always looking for a new challenge.

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Westshore excavation

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