Where To Rent An Excavator In Victoria, BC

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If you’re set on doing your excavation project DIY style, we get it. It’s our love for running equipment and digging dirt that started it all around here. That said, you’re going to need a machine. When it comes to excavator rental in Victoria, you have options. The purpose of this post is to direct you DIY enthusiasts to the best places to rent a machine so you can get to work!

To be perfectly clear, we do not offer equipment rentals. Our stuff is kept pretty busy serving our clients. That said, we wanted to offer this guide as a resource to our DIY friends looking for a place to rent a machine in Victoria from Langford to Sidney.

Where to rent an excavator in Victoria?

The good news is, you have options.

There are a number of rental places around Greater Victoria, some more established than others. We don’t endorse the outfits below but recognize them as legitimate options for a range of equipment rentals.


Ok, so maybe we endorse these guys a little :). If you’re looking for a wide selection of equipment on Southern Vancouver Island, give RentalZip a call. They’ve built their reputation on fast, efficient service and having a good selection of equipment available and ready to go when you need it. These guys paint all their gear in cool colors so you’ll never be bored! Check them out on Instagram.

Saanich Rentals

Saanich Rentals is a smaller, locally-owned business that rents a variety of small and heavy equipment to contractors and homeowners. We’ve put them first because we believe in supporting locally-owned companies. Also, they have a killer website which is nice! They have a good selection of equipment and you can expect to receive high-quality customer service.

VI Rentals

VI Rentals is a locally owned company. That said, they have a broad variety of equipment and you’re likely going to be able to find what you’re after. They’re located in Langford and easily accessible. They deliver throughout Greater Victoria so location likely won’t be a major consideration if you’re renting a bigger piece of machinery that will be delivered.

Westerra Equipment

Westerra is both an equipment rental company, and a Bobcat dealer. If you prefer running Bobcat machines, this might be the place to start. A couple of things to note about Westerra is that they are in Langford only, and they do not have an in-house delivery service. This isn’t a problem per se, but could result in delivery times being a little bit slower if you’re in a rush.

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Private Equipment Rental

There is antoher option around that we’ll touch on quickly here – privately owned equipment. There are a number of equipment owners around who are advertising their gear for private rental, often at lower rates than the established rental companies. While there’s nothing technically wrong with this, you should definitely use caution when going this route. Here are some things to consider when renting equipment privately.


Do you know and trust the owner? If you have an existing relationship with the owner, it’s easier to use discretion about whether or not they’re somebody who you want to rent equipment from.


An equipment owner may have insurance for their machinery, but does it cover rentals? Ask them what will happen in the event of renter-caused damage or mechanical failure. Will insurance pick up the tab or are they going to pursue you for compensation?


How is the equipment maintained? Are oil changes and other basic maintenance up to date? Remember that there’s a chance that you will be blamed in the even of an equipment failure so if you’re not comfortable here, it’s best to go the rental company route.

Hopefully this article helps you better understand your options for equipment rental in Victoria. If you’re not 100% sure that your excavation project is something you want to take on yourself, why not give us a call? There are many benefits to using the best excavation contractor in Victoria, and with free estimates, what do you actually have to lose?

Contact us today to discuss your next excavation project.

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