How to Repair Potholes in Gravel Driveways

repair gravel driveway

You can’t beat a good, old-fashioned gravel driveway. As reliable as the day is long, cheap to maintain and repair, and you can drive anything on it from a motorcycle to a steel-tracked excavator without causing damage.

The downside of a gravel driveway, is potholes. Over time, potholes will form in gravel driveways making them downright unpleasant to use. Left unchecked, potholes just keep getting deeper – they can cause damage to your car and make you question your life choices.

Can I just fill it in with some gravel?

Yes and no. Of course you can haul in some gravel, throw it in the hole and even compact it as a temporary fix, but unless you properly repair the hole, the new material will eventually work its way out of the hole and you can end up with humps around the outside of the hole; an even bigger issue than you started out with.

The inside of a pothole is often compact and very hard. When you put new material into the hole, it will tend to work its way back out.

How to properly repair a pothole

Break up the pothole

To repair a pothole, you want to excavate or break up the material around the hole. There are many ways to do this, but for small repairs, the handy ol’ shovel will work just fine.

You want to break up the material so it can mix in with the new material you will use to fill in the hole. Break up all around the hole and inside the hole until you’re working with loose gravel.

Fill it in

Fill the hole with material that matches the driveway. For most driveways, ¾” road base is a good choice, but if your driveway is built of clear crush gravel, screenings or another material, it’s best to use the same stuff that’s already there. Fill up the hole to the level of the surrounding gravel.


Don’t skip this step! It’s important to compact the gravel to lock it in place and prevent movement. You can do this by renting a plate compactor, using a manual hand-held tamper, or even by driving your vehicle over the area a few times. Keep the gravel damp while you’re compacting it for the best results.

Once your new gravel is compact, the repair should be solid, and the hole should not return. This is assuming that there aren’t other underlying issues causing the hole.

What if I have a lot of holes in my driveway?

If you have a super long driveway or have a lot of potholes, you’re likely going to need to have excavation professionals in to grade the driveway and possibly add more material. This is typically done with a skid steer, though larger projects may be handled with a bulldozer or excavator.

Need your driveway graded?

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